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Worldwide Suppliers and Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Technology who are carefully planning to improve their advertising investment returns are welcome to Product Showcase their products and services with Global Pharmaceutical Technology.

Global Pharmaceutical Technology
reaches to a majority of c-level executives, key decision makers, purchasing managers and people in charge of spending across the globe. Hence, it is a perfect platform for the suppliers and manufacturers to showcase their offerings to our audience - your target audience.
Global Pharmaceutical Technology procures a longer shelf life and thus, it turns into longer exposure time for the advertisements published.

Global Pharmaceutical Technology also delivers the Weekly, Monthly E-Newsletters to thousands of key decision makers. It describes about industry like News, Press Releases, and Articles from industry experts and Research Insight, and has been designed to stay for longer period in the mailboxes of the readers.
Showcasing their products and services in the e-newsletter gives Suppliers and Manufacturers an edge over their competition and support in improving their returns on advertising investments

Online Advertisement Options :

For this involvement we will give services like weekly & Monthly E-Newsletter Blasts there we will publish your company or your products with short description as linked to your company website directly.

  Advertisement packages Tariff
Business Directory Profiles Price Per Year
  1000 words profile US$ 3,800
Home Page Popup Price Per Year
  Single Popup Page (On Home Page) US$ 6,000
 On Inner Page US$ 4,800
Video Price Per Year
  Home Page Video (Clip Duration Unlimited) US$7,000
  Inner Page Video (Clip Duration Unlimited) US$6,000
Banner Price Per Year
  Home Page Main Board (Top Banner) US$ 5,000
  Home Page Skyscraper (Side Banner) US$ 4,500
  Home Page Banner (Bottom Banner) US$ 3,500
  Inner Page Main Board (Top Banner) US$ 3,800
  Inner Page Skyscraper (Side Banner) US$ 2,800
  Inner Page Banners (Bottom Banner) US$ 1,800
E-Newsletter Advertising Price Per Issue
  Banner US$ 5,000
  Skyscraper Position US$ 4,000
  Contextual Position US$ 2,000
  Sponsorship US$ 8,500
Direct Marketing (Mail shots) Price Per E-mail Shot
  5,000 and more US$ 0.20
  Less than 5,000 US$ 0.40
Golden Media Partners Price Per Month

Along with the Weekly and Mothly Services, We Will Give Complete Support like sending unlimited E-mail shots completly about your company in your behalf 4 times in a month , Your company will be listed in our suppliers profile, In Addition to these you can enjoy with Special offers as Home Page Ad Board (200 X 170 Pixels ), Inner Page Video ad & Logos will Exchanged.

US$ 6,000

E-Mail us to book your Publishments, Online issues : Booking

* Service Taxes at 12.5 % on Purchase cost. For More Details Contact Us



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