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News Press Release
Batavia Biosciences Teams Up with International Consortium to Support Polio Eradication (08.02.2018)
Batavia Biosciences Today Batavia Biosciences announces its partnership with an international consortium coordinated by PATH aiming to develop and manufacture safer novel oral poliovirus vaccines (nOPV).
BIO Expresses Strong Support for TRID Improvement Act (12.02.2018)
 Biotechnology Innovation OrganizationThe Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) announced its strong support today for H.R. 3978, the TRID Improvement Act. The bill includes a provision known as the Fostering Innovation Act, which offers much needed regulatory relief to small biotechnology firms.
Research Insight Articles
Dr. Gaetano Morelli Joins Altasciences Clinical Research’s Medical Team (17.01.2018)
Altasciences Clinical ResearchAltasciences Clinical Research, a full-service provider focused on early stage clinical research with over twenty-five years of experience, proudly announces the addition of Dr. Gaetano Morelli to the Altasciences family.
Outsourcing Clinical Trials Outside of the US (09.02.2018)

Mr. Mo Dezfuli;  Department of Regulatory Science, Johns Hopkins University, USAOutsourcing clinical trials has been a subject of both controversy and relevance in the pharmaceutical community. It is an important part of drug development that not only reveals the effectiveness of new medications, but it also brings on such a powerful effect on public health.