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ZipChip is a plug-and-play separations platform that optimizes mass spectrometry analysis.

908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced a joint innovation partnership with Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics (HJB).

HJB is an integrated design company focused on technologies that will accelerate development of biotherapeutics and reduce manufacturing costs to make medicines more readily available in the global marketplace.

HJB partners with innovative technology developers that can aid in their like-minded goal of developing meaningful therapeutics at lower cost to dramatically expand global access to vital medicines in underserved markets. HJB has recently launched a world-class pharmaceutical development facility in Hangzhou, Zhejiang where only leading-edge technologies — including the 908 Devices ZipChip® platform — will be integrated into their on-site processes.

"We are searching for analytical tools that can provide higher quality data, get us to results faster, and can be leveraged to reduce overall manufacturing costs. The ZipChip platform is a prime example as it streamlines internal processes and gives us access to data we haven't been able to get before. We believe it will be very impactful to our business," said Dr. Jonathan Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of HJB.

"We are truly excited about our partnership with HJB and the role 908 Devices can play in their overarching mission to develop vital, accessible medicines," said Dr. Kevin J. Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder of 908 Devices. "HJB is extremely innovative and has a clear vision for how ZipChip can give them the edge they need in all stages of biopharma development and production."

908 Devices also announced the availability of their ZipChip platform in China.

About the ZipChip Platform

Designed to accelerate productivity throughout the drug discovery and development processes, ZipChip is a plug-and-play separations platform that optimizes mass spectrometry analysis. The platform's super simple sample preparation has researchers up and running samples in no time. Each chip integrates microfluidic technology to provide high-resolution separations in just three minutes or less. This rapid separation capability is suited for small and large molecules alike and helps researchers to keep pace with rising analytical demands.

About 908 Devices

908 Devices is setting off a revolution in how chemical analysis gets done. We offer point-of-need chemical and biomolecular analysis devices ranging from rugged, handheld chemical detection tools to compact, tiny footprint analyzers and fast separation devices. These purpose-built and user-centric devices serve the life science, field forensics and other applied markets. 908 Devices is headquartered in the heart of Boston where we research, design and manufacture innovative products based on high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) and microfluidic separation technology. For more information, visit https://www.908devices.com

About Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics

Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics (HJB) is a biotherapeutics platform company that integrates the design, development and manufacture of biologics. With deep experience in the fields of protein, process and manufacturing sciences, the HJB team came together to solve the scientific and technical hurdles that block access to life changing protein therapeutics; from the design of therapeutic molecules to the design of the manufacturing plants used to produce them. Our focus and passion is to create access and value for a global market through scientific and technological innovation.

For more information about HJB, please visit http://www.justbiochina.com/en/