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ephedrine sulfate injection

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Receives EMERPHED® (ephedrine sulfate injection) Pre-Filled Syringe

Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced that it has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for EMERPHED® (ephedrine sulfate injection) in 25mg/5mL and 50mg/10mL single-dose pre-filled syringes. The 10mL presentation is the first and only FDA-approved ready-to-administer 10mL pre-filled syringe available.

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Stimufend® pegfilgrastim-fpgk Now Available in the United States

Fresenius Kabi had announced the immediate availability in the U.S. of Stimufend® (pegfilgrastim-fpgk), the company’s biosimilar to Neulasta® (pegfilgrastim), for use in patients at risk for febrile neutropenia, a common side effect of many anti-cancer medications. Stimufend is available in a single-dose, pre-filled syringe that delivers 6mg/0.6mL solution for subcutaneous injection.

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SyqeAir Metered-Dose Inhaler

Syqe Medical Announces Agreement with Israeli Ministry of Defence

Syqe Medical, the developer of innovative technologies in the world of medical devices, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defence to supply the SyqeAir Inhaler and Cartridges to all veterans prescribed medical cannabis by inhalation through the company's ground-breaking platform.

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LYT-300 Oral Allopregnanolone

PureTech to Advance LYT-300 Oral Allopregnanolone

PureTech Health plc a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company dedicated to changing the treatment paradigm for devastating diseases, had announced that it will advance LYT-300 (oral allopregnanolone) for the potential treatment of anxiety disorders and postpartum depression (PPD).

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