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'White Papers' is specialized section provide real, actionable information to prospects. Done well, they shorten sales cycles, educate prospects and showcase a company’s thought leadership. White papers are hosted behind a registration-based landing page that captures key lead scoring information.

White Paper publication program on pharmatechglobal.net benefit from our integrated audience database. Registration can be pre-populated based on our database of professionals, providing for superior conversion rates. — If interested, Post your company's White Papers here

Data Challenges of Pharmacovigilance

Addressing the Data Challenges of Pharmacovigilance

Increasing data volumes as well as increasing data complexity are currently forcing the drug safety industry to look for solutions to reduce case processing costs...

Ensuring the Future of Accessible Medicines in the U.S.

Ensuring the Future of Accessible Medicines in the U.S.

Rising brand drug prices are behind the increase in prescription drug spending and patient costs. In 2016, brand drugs accounted for only 11 percent of prescriptions dispensed, but more than 74 percent of total spending.

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