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Robotic system for cell therapy

Multiply Labs Unveils First Peer-Reviewed Study Showing that Robotic Cell Expansion

Multiply Labs, a robotics company developing industry-leading automated manufacturing systems to produce individualized drugs, Cytotherapy, the official journal of the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT), published a peer-reviewed research article focused on the performance of its proof-of-concept robotic system developed alongside a group of leading cell therapy organizations.

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Better cancer trials

Better cancer trials could be around the corner

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Associate Professor and Cancer Center member Tobias Janowitz led a COVID-19 clinical trial with Northwell Health in 2021. When he and Clinical Fellow Hassal Lee reviewed the data, a surprising trend emerged.

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Triceratops’ SPR #64

Bruker unveils 'Triceratops' Surface Plasmon Resonance System for drug discovery

Bruker Corporation introduced the ground-breaking, new ‘Triceratops’ SPR #64 Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument. The SPR #64 system has been engineered from the bottom up to accelerate drug discovery with increased SPR throughput, leading sensitivity and data quality. In modern drug discovery, SPR is indispensable for the real-time, label-free biophysical characterization of molecular interactions.

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robotic instruments for endoluminal surgery

Agilis Robotics Unveils Groundbreaking Advancements in Endoluminal Surgery

Agilis Robotics, a leading innovator in surgical robotics, is spearheading a paradigm shift in the field of "incisionless" endoluminal surgery. The company has made remarkable technological breakthroughs in developing highly miniaturized and flexible robotic instruments that offer exceptional dexterity even in the most challenging anatomies.

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Echo® MS+ system

SCIEX Expands High-Throughput Screening Solutions with Echo® MS+ system

SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, system at Echo® MS+.The system couples proprietary Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry technology and Open Port Interface (OPI) sampling with the capabilities of either the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 or Triple Quad 6500+ system to deliver precise qualitative and quantitative results, through an expanded panel of robust high-throughput screening workflows.

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Cell sorter developed by ThinkCyte

Toyoda Gosei Invests in ThinkCyte, a Startup Developing Devices

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:7282) has invested* in ThinkCyte K.K., whose technologies are used for a broad spectrum of applications, including the early detection of leukemia and other diseases, with the aim of solving social issues in the healthcare field.

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Amberen Advanced Menopause Relief Gummy

Amberen Redefines Menopause Relief

Amberen, a pioneering company in menopause innovation, is redefining standards for menopausal relief with the introduction of its new Amberen Advanced Menopause Relief Gummy. Like the existing capsule formulation, the new gummies target the root cause of physical and emotional menopause symptoms by helping the body to self-regulate its own hormone production for multi-symptom relief and comfort all day and night.

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