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Dante Labs Whole GenomeZ

Dante Labs announced today the launch of Whole GenomeZ (WGZ), an innovative whole genome sequencing (WGS) methodology. Whole GenomeZ leverages next-generation sequencing techniques to provide 130X coverage to the entire exome and 30X coverage to the rest of the genome.

 GenomeZ is superior to both standard whole exome sequencing and standard whole genome sequencing technologies.

"The Whole GenomeZ is a smart test, as broad as the WGS and as accurate as the WES," Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati says. "This leads to an extraordinary and unparalleled detailed view into people's genome. WGZ has been designed by the Dante Labs team to offer a tool for advanced diagnostics to health-care professionals, research teams, biotech companies and individuals worldwide."

The cost of the test is USD 999 or EUR 849––below the standard cost of whole genome sequencing at most facilities, despite offering much more in terms of coverage and data. 

"Fourteen months ago, we started making whole-genome sequencing accessible to everyone," Riposati continues, "eventually driving down the price of the technology to $499 while keeping the same quality and 30X coverage of industry standards. Today, we are pushing science forward with the introduction of Whole GenomeZ. Meanwhile, we make sure to stay true to our mission and values; hence, it was an obvious choice to price the product below $1,000."

Dante Labs will release new proprietary tests in the coming months.

For more details, visit: https://us.dantelabs.com/