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Essent's Wharton's-jelly MSC Vial

Essent Biologics™, a leading supplier of adult human-derived cell and scaffold materials,it has launched a new line of primary cells: Wharton's jelly-derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (hWJMSC), to its growing product portfolio.

Isolated from human umbilical cord tissue, Essent's hWJMSCs originate from a single donor and are proven to differentiate in vitro toward chondrogenic, osteogenic and adipogenic lineages. In addition, these cells have a unique secretory profile with anti-inflammatory properties–making them extremely attractive for both research and therapeutics within the regenerative medicine and tissue engineering fields.

"Our strong partnership with AlloSource allows us access to donated placentas from their Placenta Donation Program, sourcing from women 30 years and younger," said Courtney Jurbala, Vice President of Business Operations. "We collect the cells from the research-consented donated placenta, after a new life has been born and the mother goes home with her baby. The miracle of life continues to advance the field of regenerative medicine with a simple donation."

Rigorously characterized to ISCT guidelines, Essent's hWJMSCs are validated to guarantee at least one million cells per vial post thaw at low passage. In addition, Essent offers flash-frozen origin tissue as a companion product for each lot of cells, the Essent Origin Sample™, so that researchers always know their source.

About Essent Biologics:

Essent Biologics is setting a new standard in human-derived biomaterials and comprehensive data for research. The nonprofit biotechnology company provides low-passaged primary cells, research tissue and scaffold materials to advance regenerative medicine research from benchtop to bedside. Essent Biologics supplies products in small or large volumes and serves as a manufacturing partner by creating master cell banks and an inventory of custom products within a tailored specification. In order to ensure reliable product quality, safety and efficacy, all Essent Biologics products are developed using robust design control processes and produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

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