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Halo Labs Aura

Halo Labs, a life science instrumentation company developing tools for biologics researchers, today announced it has launched its latest aggregate and particle identification system, called Aura™.

Aura is the next generation of the Horizon®, Halo Labs' popular Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) platform. With as little as 5 µL and a linear range of over 3x106 particles/mL, BMI can count, size, and image aggregates and particles in the subvisible range (>1 μm). The Aura instrument now adds protein/non-protein identification using Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM) and is the only subvisible particle analyzer on the market to have 100% sample efficiency. An optional second fluorescence channel gives customers the ability to also detect lipids and other drug and process-specific particles.

"Aura is going to completely revolutionize biologic stability analysis," said Rick Gordon, Vice President of Sales at Halo Labs. "Finally, there's an easy way for our customers to identify if large aggregates in their samples are protein or non-protein without having to resort to slow and cumbersome methods like Raman and FTIR. Particle identification is critical to formulation development and analytical testing in all biologics because it defines the path that needs to be taken to mitigate problems. I'm extremely happy to be able to deliver this solution to our customers."

"The wide adoption of our technology by every major biopharmaceutical company has given us a unique opportunity to listen to many customer voices," said Robert Wicke, CEO of Halo Labs. "There is so much that this technology can offer and we are very excited to watch the Aura platform change the way stability and quality are analyzed in biologics."

About Halo Labs:

Halo Labs in Burlingame, CA, is a venture-backed scientific instrumentation and consumable company that commercializes high throughput biopharmaceutical formulation and quality control tools for subvisible particle analysis using state-of-the-art custom optics and image processing techniques. Researchers around the globe depend on Halo Labs for unprecedented insights into aggregates and subvisible particles present in their drug products via optical imaging on membranes.  Halo Labs has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and has received many research grants from agencies including DARPA, FDA, NSF, NIST, and NIH.

For more information, visit www.halolabs.com