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Parata Powers Pharmacies with Pouch Packaging Solutions

Parata Systems, a leader in pharmacy automation, congratulates PillPack on its recently announced acquisition by Amazon.

The sale of the 5-year old company confirms what Parata has believed would be the future of pharmacy: pouch packaging empowering patients to lead healthy lives.

"Parata recognized the importance of patients taking their medications as prescribed — particularly those patients with chronic conditions," said DJ Dougherty, CEO. "And we knew the health care team member best positioned to help was the pharmacist. That's why we introduced our patient-friendly strip packaging in 2007; Parata PASS® simplified taking multiple medications by organizing them the way patients take them.  Since then, we've expanded our product suite to support the workflow and safety of pouch packaging for the pharmacies we serve, most recently with Parata Perl®, the most advanced and compact inspection device on the market."

"We know some pharmacies have anxiety over the purchase by Amazon," said Mark Longley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, "but we know awareness helps to change consumer behavior. As pouch packaging has gained visibility, the market for it will only continue to grow."

"As the market leader in pouch packaging, we have helped position our nearly 1,000 PASS customers to continue growing through strategic relationships with their patients, providers, and payers," Longley adds.  "We look forward to supporting these independent retail pharmacies and providing the thought leadership to support many more. We know  packaging in concert with consultations with neighborhood pharmacists is what will impact medication compliance and help lower the cost of health care."


Parata Systems provides pharmacy technology solutions that empower pharmacists to help people lead healthier lives. Founded in 2001, Parata offers the most extensive pharmacy automation portfolio in the industry – designing, building, and supporting both vial-filling and pouch packaging solutions. Learn more at parata.com.