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BlueWillow Biologics®, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced the company will advance the manufacturing and commercialization of NanoBio® Protect, a nasal antiseptic solution that can be used to help reduce germs that could cause infections.

NanoBio® Protect will be available for purchase over-the-counter by hospitals, businesses and consumers.

NanoBio® Protect is an alcohol-free, nasal antiseptic that has been shown to kill 99.99% of germs in lab tests. The product is applied by thoroughly swabbing the skin inside of each nostril and is recommended for use to help reduce germs on the skin that can cause infection. NanoBio® Protect is non-irritating, fragrance-free and leaves no residue after application. It should be used in conjunction with frequent handwashing, limited touching of the face, and social distancing to help minimize infection. 

"During this difficult time, doctors and nurses who are treating patients need every protective measure possible," said Michael Corrado, MD, Fellow at the Infectious Disease Society of America and the former Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Vice President of Clinical Research at Johnson & Johnson. "Even though BlueWillow's nasal antiseptic hasn't yet been clinically tested to confirm protection against COVID-19 infection, it has demonstrated both anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity in laboratory tests making it a potentially important additive measure to hand washing and barrier techniques for healthcare workers on the front lines."

The effectiveness of NanoBio® Protect is derived from BlueWillow's patented nanotechnology platform that enables long-lasting effectiveness on the skin to disrupt germs residing on the surface. In lab tests, the product's nano-droplets have been shown to persist on skin for at least four hours. In addition, NanoBio® Protect has been shown to significantly increase skin hydration as compared to common hand sanitizer products.

"At BlueWillow, we are working very hard to launch NanoBio® Protect in an effort to help minimize the burden our healthcare system is facing. We want to make our nasal antiseptic solution accessible to those at the highest risk of infection – healthcare workers, social workers, military, government, elderly, the immunocompromised and people near a significant outbreak," said Dave Peralta, CEO of BlueWillow. "During these challenging times, we're all working together to do our part. Our nasal antiseptic is unique, easy to apply and may help reduce the risk of respiratory infection. We're confident that NanoBio® Protect can play a meaningful role in protecting those in need."

The nanotechnology platform that is the foundation of NanoBio® Protect was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan where BlueWillow was founded. Under the direction of Dr. Susan Ciotti, Director of Formulations at BlueWillow, and Dr. Ali Fattom, Senior Vice President Vaccine Research and Development at BlueWillow, the technology has been advanced significantly in recent years yielding several therapies in development.

BlueWillow is working to manufacture and distribute an initial one million units of NanoBio® Protect. Each unit provides at least 40 treatments. Updates on progress and the availability of NanoBio® Protect will be shared on the BlueWillow website.

For more details, visit: www.bluewillow.com

Company Name: BlueWillow Biologics
About Company: BlueWillow BlueWillow Biologics® is a clinical-stage, privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing topical antiseptic and anti-infective products and intranasal vaccines using its patented nanotechnology platform. The platform employs novel oil-in-water nano-droplets for products administered to the skin and nose.

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