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Open 3Spine MOTUS device

Anton Jorgensen, MD and Ortho San Antonio has announced the first cases in the BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement pivotal clinical trial using the breakthrough 3Spine MOTUS device, as an alternative to lumbar spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Jorgensen completed the surgeries at the Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antonio.

3Spine's lumbar total joint replacement procedure and MOTUS device is a 'first-of-kind' technology replacing the function of the disc and facet joints through a posterior approach. The procedure is intended to broadly address leg pain, back pain, and spinal instability, while correcting posture and allowing movement. Much like a hip or knee total joint replacement, the procedure treats degenerative disease through reconstruction of the functional spinal unit.

"As a community, we must acknowledge the challenges associated with spinal fusion surgery," said Dr. Jorgensen. "We are leading the way to find new and innovative solutions to improve patient care. I am very proud to be the first surgeon in Texas to participate in this important clinical trial. This is something new I had to learn and practice, but I am convinced that MOTUS has the potential to fundamentally change the way I treat degenerative lumbar disease."

"We were thrilled to be selected as the only site in Texas to participate in this groundbreaking clinical trial," said Laura Sittler, CEO of Foundation Surgical Hospital of San Antonio. "3Spine's innovative research aligns with our mission to provide the latest and most effective treatments to our community. We are proud to be at the forefront of spine care and look forward to the positive impact this work can have on the lives of our patients."

Scott Hodges, DO, co-founder and medical director of 3Spine trained Dr. Jorgensen on the total joint replacement procedure. Dr. Hodges said, "Dr. Jorgensen is an incredibly gifted surgeon and forward thinker. Advances in medicine are only possible if surgeons like Dr. Jorgensen innovate and learn. We are thankful to partner with Dr. Jorgensen to bring new lumbar motion preservation techniques to Texas."

3Spine, Inc., the study sponsor, is seeking patients with single-level lumbar spine disease suffering from lumbar degeneration with or without foraminal or lateral recess spinal stenosis with no more than a grade 1 spondylolisthesis. 

For more information please visit, www.ClinicalTrials.gov.

Company Name: 3Spine
About Company: 3Spine is a new kind of healthcare company founded to integrate the development, clinical research, and delivery of low back total joint replacement. 3Spine is headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, with research and development facilities in the Greater Boston area.