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Cytovance Biologics

ExcellGene SA, a leading Swiss biotech service provider specializing in mammalian cell line development for more than two decades, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Cytovance Biologics, a renowned Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) based in the USA.

As CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) and HEK (Human Embryonic Kidney) cells are the most well-suited mammalian cell lines for recombinant protein production and biological research, this partnership represents a significant milestone in advancing biopharmaceutical development by providing ExcellGene’s pioneering transposon technologies to Cytovance’s biopharma customers.

ExcellGene’s bespoke CHO and HEK cell lines can be used to optimize protein quality, quantity, development timelines, and scalability for biomanufacturing through custom engineering to the specific requirements of a protein. Combining these engineered cell lines with Cytovance’s cGMP manufacturing expertise, the companies expect to deliver a higher yield range of up to 10 g/L, empowering customers to rapidly advance their therapeutics from upstream development to clinical and commercial scale operations.

"We are thrilled to partner with Cytovance Biologics, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and innovation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing,” said Maria Wurm, CEO of ExcellGene SA. “Much like the team at Cytovance, I am proud to say that we have incredible experts in our company who are capable of mastering every challenge. Our top priority is to provide seamless services and cost-effective solutions tailormade for our clients’ needs."

Stephanie Wickham, PhD, Senior Director of Technology at Cytovance, shared that, “Coupling our organizations’ respective 50+ years of experience in delivering solutions to the industry, we are very much looking forward to shepherding critical proteins expressed in one of ExcellGene’s exceptional host cell lines through process development and eventually, into our 2000L tanks. This partnership is part of our intentional effort to expand our ‘best of breed’ network and build a robust selection of cell and strain options so that our clients can always find the perfect fit for their target protein.”

Company Name: Cytovance Biologics
About Company: Cytovance Biologics, an established US-based CDMO, is joining forces with ExcellGene SA, a leader in mammalian cell line development. Their collaboration brings ExcellGene's advanced transposon technologies to customers looking to optimize CHO and HEK cell lines for biopharma production.