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Novogene America's sequencing center

Novogene at the forefront of cutting-edge next-generation sequencing (NGS) services, has officially Falcon II, a superpowered robot scientist for autonomously intelligent NGS delivery.

Falcon, the precursor of Falcon II, launched in March 2020, and is the first fully optimized, automated, and intelligent delivery system in high-throughput NGS industry.

Novogene's ground-breaking effort realizes the substitution of manual operations by standardized Intelligent automation, and Falcon is applied into sample extraction, sample Quality Control, library preparation, library Quality Control, library pooling and all the way to bioinformatics analysis

The first generation of Falcon has been received extensive attention over past 2 years of launch, shattering the conventional collaborative isolation of various processes and allowing the synchronous operations of multi-product services (i.e. RNA sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing,Whole Exome Sequencing, Amplicon sequencing and library construction).

The deployment of Falcon offers clients with intelligent, efficient and robust services to satisfy their diverse sequencing requirements.

Falcon II: Continuous Impetus of Exclusive Intelligent Solutions

Falcon II, as the compact version of Falcon, is more advanced with cost-effectiveness, space-effectiveness and high flexibility. It extends the superiorities of Falcon in unprecedented intelligent automation, incomparable production efficiency, stability, and accuracy, as well as express delivery cycle.

With small footprint of 10m2 and its modular construction, Falcon II tailors to all sorts of lab layouts and diverse experimental scenarios.

Falcon II integrates with 16 sets of precision instruments. The evolvement ensures the fully intelligent and automated end-to-end process from sample QC to pooling and enables the concurrent operation of three NGS services simultaneously (i.e. RNA Sequencing, WGS and WES).

The launch of Falcon II in Novogene America's sequencing center helps to upgrade the services quality with more efficient, accurate and consistent data delivery, and it accelerates the ultimate accomplishment of the glocalization strategy of Novogene's NGS services.

Future Perspectives

Novogene owns complete intellectual property rights of Falcon II from its integration of programmable hardware installation to intelligent software. Falcon II's launch consolidates the commitment to bring innovative advantages and unrivalled NGS services to Novogene's clients in all dimensions to the maximum extent possible.

As quoted from Dr. Li Ruiqiang, founder and CEO of Novogene, "Novogene's customer-focused approach is at the core of our commitment to become the world's leading provider of genomic solutions and services. We always strive to enhance the customer experience through innovation.

Falcon II is an example of how Novogene leads the industry to optimize operations in digitalization and automation which leads to extraordinary services, reduced turnaround time and greater accuracy."

Company Name: Novogene Corporation
About Company: Novogene delivers unsurpassed data quality to support our customers’ research goals. We are a world leader in NGS services, with thousands of employees and multiple locations across the globe. Novogene has strong scientific expertise and experience with 45 NGS-related patents, as well as over 950 SCI articles with a total impact factor of more than 7970, including publications in first tiers journals such as Cell, Nature and Science. As the largest NGS service provider headquartered in Beijing with branches in Hong Kong China, US, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, and Japan, Novogene was founded in 2011 and has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Novogene has genomic sequencing labs in the US (at The University of California at Davis campus), China, Singapore, and the UK (Cambridge).