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Biom Pharmaceuticals Launches VagiBiom®

Biom Pharmaceuticals, a microbiome biotech company has been launched VagiBiom® probiotic feminine suppository product in all Walmart Stores.

The quality of life of millions of women around the world gets affected by feminine intimate issues. The most common factor leading to this condition is an imbalance in beneficial flora or microbiome resulting from antibiotic use, excessive cleaning and douching, stress, smoking, etc. The optimum balance of beneficial flora can also be altered by apparently harmless activities such as bathing in beach water and swimming pool.

Recent studies suggest that a balanced vaginal microbiome is critical to women's long-term health. Most feminine hygiene products contain preservatives such as parabens and other chemicals that may adversely affect beneficial microbiome flora.

Biom Pharmaceuticals' VagiBiom® microbiome balancing lactobacillus product is a natural solution that helps maintain beneficial flora and pH balance for intimate issues. Several years of rigorous research on strain isolation, optimization, and formulation have gone behind the creation of this patented product. Since its launch, the product has done exceedingly well, receiving exceptional reviews from the female customer base. In October 2020, Biom Pharmaceutical presented the product at Walmart's Made in USA Open Call competition and got selected for launch in all the stores.

"We are extremely honored to partner with Walmart to offer this life-changing product at an affordable price to millions of women. We strongly believe that Walmart's Made in USA program is a great platform that supports small business enterprises like ours," said Biom's Founder and President, Dr. Bobban Subhadra. "We appreciate Walmart's initiatives on the USA-made products that generate jobs. It is a true reflection of Walmart's long-term focus to create economic activity in our community" added Vijitha Viv, Chief Operating Officer.

About VagiBiom®:

VagiBiom is the feminine care brand of Biom Pharmaceuticals that comprises science-backed microbiome optimized probiotic products for feminine health and hygiene. VagiBiom® feminine products are preservative-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free with vaginal-specific Lactobacillus crispatus strains to optimize pH and intimate health.

About Biom Pharmaceuticals:

Biom Pharmaceutical is committed to the lofty goal of adding healthy years to the human lifespan by regulating the human microbiome through probiotics. This mission is at the heart of everything at Biom, from early research to product development. Biom Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in microbiome technology with five issued US Patents and has developed LiveBiom® Fermentation Technology to create humanized designer microbiome that has wide applications in human health and disease including immune regulation, cardiometabolic health, vaginal health, and neurodegeneration. Biom has developed True-To-Label nutritional supplements and has four consumer brands with twenty-three products in the market; Biom Probiotics® Total Gut Health products, VagiBiom® Feminine Care Products; Longiva® Antiaging and Longevity products, and LeanBiom® metabolic weight maintenance products.

For more information to visit: www.biomprobiotics.com