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new Artilysin®s.

Lysando AG – market leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins – has signed a general development agreement with Amicogen Inc., a publicly traded biotechnology company and CDMO headquartered in South Korea.

In August last year, Lysando and Amicogen entered into a strategic partnership backed up by a mutual participation model. This collaboration has since been further intensified, now culminating in aforementioned general development agreement.

"Amicogen is our first choice for process development and scale-up of any new Artilysin®", says Count Markus Matuschka de Greiffenclau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lysando AG. "This important step in our partnership with Amicogen will help our customers to significantly shorten the time-to-market of Artilysin®-powered products."

Amicogen is an established and professional partner enabling Lysando to develop its own projects to market-readiness at maximum speed, thus further accelerating Lysando’s entry into the pharmaceutical industry. Ongoing projects targeting indications such as urinary tract infections or neurodermatitis are progressing well.

About Amicogen Inc.

Amicogen Inc (092040.KQ) is a CDMO and biotechnology company based in Jinju, South Korea. Amicogen is a leader in the development and production of specialty enzymes and proteins for the biopharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries. One of Amicogen's core competencies is the use of new technologies such as directed gene evolution. The heart of the business is a novel approach that uses biocatalysts to replace chemical with enzymatic processes. These biocatalysts provide an environmentally friendly manufacturing process for downstream industries reducing emissions, simplifying production processes and increasing productivity.

Company Name: Lysando AG
About Company: Lysando AG is the market leader for antimicrobial proteins, so-called Artilysin®s. They can effectively eliminate problem-causing bacteria without associated high risk of resistance formation and microbial disbalances. Artilysin®s constitute an innovative, proprietary and environmentally friendly technology with a wide range of applications: in human and veterinary medicine, but for example also in cosmetics. Lysando AG's research facility is Lysando Innovations Lab GmbH located in Regensburg's BioPark. BioPark Regensburg fosters companies in biotechnology, medical technology, diagnostics & analytics as well as the local healthcare management.