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Viral Transport Medium for Covid-19 Testing Kits

Rocky Mountain Biologicals, LLC (RMBIO) is now mass producing an essential component of COVID-19 testing kits: Viral Transport Medium (VTM).

Hospitals and laboratories globally face a shortage of VTM – the liquid solution sample swabs are stored in to preserve viral RNA, keeping it active until swabs can be tested. This shortage is one of many hindering worldwide COVID-19 testing efforts.

RMBIO, a mammalian cell culture, serum, and protein manufacturer, was able to quickly begin producing VTM when approached by local hospitals as the capabilities, equipment, and many of the VTM ingredients were already on-hand. Within weeks of being approached to manufacture VTM, RMBIO had the first lot packaged and ready for distribution to Montana testing facilities that were within days of running out.

RMBIO's Viral Transport Medium is produced according to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocol #: DSR-052-01. The VTM is designed specifically for SARS-CoV-2 (also known as coronavirus and COVID-19) testing.

"We are fully confident in the efficacy and quality of our product," says RMBIO's Chief Operations Officer Jeremy Amberson. "Each lot is tested according to CDC protocol for sterility and is issued a certificate of analysis before being released for sale. Our VTM has also been successfully validated by multiple independent 3rd party laboratories."

Jeff Pease, RMBIO's Chief Business Development Officer, adds that he feels, "Fortunate to be in a position to help, especially small hospitals, clinics, and laboratories which aren't considered priority facilities and are often last on the list to receive supplies distributed by the government. Our initial goal was to help Montana hospitals, followed by surrounding states, but we now hope to assist hospitals abroad. It's a wonderful feeling knowing we are quickly becoming a valued asset to Montana and our Global society in battling this terrible virus."

For more information, please visit www.rmbio.com

Company Name: Rocky Mountain Biologicals LLC
About Company: Rocky Mountain Biologicals, LLC Rocky Mountain Biologicals, LLC is a complete cell culture provider. RMBIO specializes in the development and production of cell culture media supplements, as well as sera and protein fractions for the global research, biopharma, and clinical diagnostic industries.
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