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GENETWORx Corporate Testing Program

American employers of 100 or more employees have until Jan. 4 to ensure all their workers are either fully vaccinated or submit to weekly testing, according to an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) released Nov. 4 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA's rule will affect some 84 million private sector workers across the country, according to the United States Department of Labor, including some 31 million who were believed to be unvaccinated. U.S.

corporations must require testing of unvaccinated employees to be compliant with the new OSHA regulations for both workers exempt from vaccinations and for those companies without vaccine mandates. https://www.nytimes.com/article/vaccine-mandate-biden-osha.html OSHA estimates that the ETS will require an additional 6.3 million tests per week in order for businesses to achieve compliance.

"American businesses have an incredible need right now for end-to-end managed testing programs that provide the testing, reporting, and compliance capabilities required by the new OSHA regulations," said Erica Prowisor, Executive Vice President of GENETWORx.

"Since the early days of the pandemic we have been providing these kinds of specialized testing and compliance programs to a wide variety of industries and companies, including Fortune 500 companies, government entities, universities and colleges, and health providers."

Prowisor explained that GENETWORx' specialization in corporate testing is comprised of two types of onsite testing options:

A Self-Service Model where GENETWORx trains and helps businesses set up their own collection site with best practice recommendations and a testing package, including testing kits, shipping/ return labels, FedEx boxes, and personal protection equipment (PPE) and access to results reporting and compliance tools.

The Full-Service Model in which GENETWORx provides full-service, end to end services from collection to results. This includes setting up the collection site, managing staffing for collection and registration, providing all necessary equipment, supplies and PPE, and access to all reporting and compliance tools. For more information on GENETWORx corporate testing programs, call (877) 313-2023.

Additionally, organizations in New York City or Philadelphia, PA, can utilize Test Now and Go public COVID-19 test collection sites, where businesses can arrange a block of scheduled tests for their workers. For more information about these sites, visit testnowandgo.com.

Prowisor stated that employers that do not have a testing program in place will have to move fast.

"Companies only have until December 5, 2021, to build a vaccination or testing plan to be compliant with the new OSHA regulations so the time to start thinking about implementing a testing program is now," she explained.

GENETWORx invested in infrastructure in the early part of the pandemic and has significant capacity to meet the needs of this new phase of the pandemic. GENETWORx delivers COVID-19 test results within 24-48 hours which are 99 percent accurate and offer a significantly reduced risk of false negatives.

GENETWORx also offers antigen and rapid molecular point of care tests that can deliver results in under 30 minutes. The laboratory also developed, in partnership with Nucleus Healthcare, an app that ties together all aspects of the testing program in a comprehensive digital management system.

The app was built on a software platform called Aura which provides results record keeping and reporting that can be used for managing state and federal compliance requirements as well as allowing patients or providers to easily access test results from an online portal.

The Aura testing platform has revolutionized testing programs at numerous corporations, state and local governmental organizations, colleges, assisted living facilities, and other businesses over the past twenty months enabling them to stay open and keep their employee and student populations safe throughout the pandemic. The end-to-end digital management system also significantly reduces results reporting time.

For more information Please visit https://genetworx.com/

Company Name: GENETWORx
About Company: GENETWORx is a fully integrated CAP accredited laboratory which is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) for high complexity molecular testing. In addition to COVID-19 testing, the company also provides pharmacogenomic DNA genotyping and infectious disease testing. The laboratory offers an all-in-one combination influenza/COVID-19/RSV test, a PCR saliva test, and antibody testing for the COVID-19 virus.