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Chiropractors and even some medical doctors are now running scams where they claim that fetal birth products like amniotic fluid (i.e. baby urine), placental, umbilical, and Wharton's jelly contains millions of live fetal stem cells.

They promise to regrow someone a new knee or other joint and use a nurse or similar provider to inject these substances.

Unfortunately, the truth is these products DO NOT contain any living stem cells! If they did it would be considered illegal; the FDA says you can't use another person's stem cells for an orthopedic problem without new drug approval.  They tout these tissue products as being better than your own body's stem cells saying they are younger and found in high quantities. In actuality, there are NO stem cells in these products due to the sterilization and freezing process they undergo to reduce the transmission of infection and diseases such as HIV. These products do have the potential to cause your body to react against it potentially resulting in organ failure. Mike Duncan, Ph.D. who is a Lab Scientist at iOBX notes,  "If there really were fetal stem cells in these products, it would also be quite dangerous in that these cells are very unpredictable in the way they act and are more dangerous than using your body's own healthy cells".  Much more research is needed on using fetal stem cells in adults.

Learn more: https://www.iobx.com/stem-cell-scam/

iOBX is 100% dedicated to and specializes in advanced Orthopedic stem cell treatments and has high success rates in treating acute pain, arthritis and sports injuries by transferring stem cells from your own bone marrow and/or body fat to the problem site with precision-guided technology.  iOBX's Medical Director, Dr. Jason Tucker, MD is Board Certified in the field of Orthopedic Medicine and has additional specialized training in Sports Medicine, Interventional Spine and Stem Cell treatments.  He earned his MD degree at Marshall University. He underwent a Surgery internship at the University of Tennessee and completed his residency at Virginia Commonwealth University Med Center.  He then completed additional fellowship training at the Bodor Clinic in California, Thomas Jefferson University and Pro-Scan Imaging.  Content within release has not been evaluated by the FDA. iOBX is FDA compliant, but Orthopedic stem cell treatments are considered investigational by the FDA.

For more details, visit: https://www.iobx.com/

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