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Maestro Volt: The affordable MEA system for every lab

Axion BioSystems announced new Maestro Volt™, an affordable benchtop microelectrode array (MEA) system designed to meet the demands of academic labs with lower throughput needs and limited budgets.

Featuring the same ease of use, high-quality controls, and intuitive software synonymous with the Maestro name, the 6-well Maestro Volt is available for both neurological and cardiovascular research applications. The new device expands Axion’s flagship Maestro product line and promises to drive scientific discovery by making MEA technology more broadly available.

“Since its founding in 2008, Axion’s goal has been to make MEA tools more accessible to scientists studying electrically active cells like neurons and cardiomyocytes. It is gratifying to see how Maestro MEA is increasingly being used in groundbreaking disease research and therapeutic development for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, glioblastoma, and others—but budget limitations have put the technology out of reach for some,” said Julien Bradley, Chief Executive Officer at Axion BioSystems. “With the addition of the affordable Maestro Volt to our industry-leading product suite, we hope to put the power of Maestro MEA in every lab.”

Accurately evaluating electrically active cells in vitro over time is essential in neurological and cardiovascular research. Axion BioSystems’ next-generation Maestro MEA platform, which also includes the high-throughput Maestro Pro™ and the versatile Maestro Edge™, makes it easy for any scientist to noninvasively measure dynamic electrical activity in 2D and 3D cell models over days, weeks, or months with no labels, dyes, or complicated steps. Using MEA technology, researchers can reveal new insights into the pathogenesis and progression of disease, identify novel druggable targets, explore precision medicine solutions, accelerate regenerative medicine research, and investigate the impact of toxic substances on brain and heart health.

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About Company: Axion BioSystems is a leading life sciences tools company focused on innovative live-cell assays used to study the function of cells in vitro for drug discovery and disease modeling. The team at Axion BioSystems is dedicated to continuing the advancement of new technologies that accelerate research and further the understanding of biological complexity outside of the body. Axion BioSystems is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and has offices worldwide.
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