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neutralizing antibody test

Epitome Risk said that its at-home neutralizing antibody test is now sold online. "Last week President Biden said U.S. health officials are considering Covid booster shots at five months," said Lisa Wilson, CEO of Epitome Risk.

"If you got your shot six months ago, you either need to get the booster shot, take a neutralizing antibody test to see if your vaccine is still working, or return to your pre-vaccine safety measures until you get a booster shot," said Wilson.

"The vaccine wears out at different rates in different people because everyone is different. Epitome Risk is not a political organization. We care about people having access to information so they can advocate for their health."

"We sell the only at-home neutralizing antibody test, but you can get a neutralizing antibody test with a blood draw from your doctor or a CLIA-licensed lab. It's easy and important. But you need to know your antibody numbers so you know how to take care of yourself during COVID," Wilson added.

Epitome Risk owns FourthWall Testing, a private lab in Florida.

A new study presented by Dr. Fauci at the White House Briefing last week, identified an 'immune correlate' of vaccine protection. The team demonstrated that if you measure your neutralizing antibody levels, you'll know if you're still protected from COVID-19.

cPass™ Test Available Without A Prescription
cPass™, the new test protocol offered by Epitome Risk, is helping people understand how well their SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is working by measuring their neutralizing antibodies. Unlike other tests the Center For Disease Control (CDC) warns against, cPass™, developed by Genscript and sold by Epitome Risk, zeros in on the exact subsect of antibodies that block the virus from attacking your cells.

"You can take our test from the privacy of your own home, said Wilson. "Or you can go to your doctor and request a blood draw test. We want you to know your neutralizing antibody results so you can advocate for your health."

For more information please visit,https://www.epitomerisk.com/

Company Name: Epitome Risk
About Company: Epitome Risk is a leader in risk management, COVID-compliance measures, and safety support for corporate and professional sporting events, and television and film productions. Epitome Risk is using tested and approved tests and machines for neutralizing antibody results. We did not develop them, we brought them together. Our tests, equipment and processes are open and available. Health, safety and a kind and open corporate culture is at the core of everything we do.