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Viken Detection's FOXHOUND-HNA

Viken Detection, pioneer of x-ray imaging, chemical detection and environmental analytical solutions, today announced the official release of the FOXHOUND-HNA™.

Featuring tri-mode functionality and design, Viken’s handheld narcotics analyzer is optimized for drug interdiction and tailored for wide use in law enforcement operations.

FOXHOUND-HNA provides users with critical information, able to determine if narcotics are or have been present and identify those substances. As news agencies around the U.S. report an unabated and even growing opioid epidemic, FOXHOUND-HNA is an essential and cost-effective tool for drug interdiction operations as they work to keep the public safe.

FOXHOUND-HNA takes a novel approach to high-resolution ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology in three modes: vapor, trace, and bulk sampling. Vapor and trace mode are used before substances are found to tell authorities if a narcotic is or has been present, while bulk sampling mode is used when suspicious materials have been found that need to be identified. FOXHOUND-HNA’s patent-pending bulk sampling mode is a new feature, designed to handle large amounts of material that would typically overwhelm IMS and Mass Spectrometry systems. FOXHOUND’s bulk sampling mode does not require swabs, significantly reducing consumables costs.

“The FOXHOUND-HNA provides a new standard for field chemical detection technology, replacing legacy technology that has languished while the opioid epidemic persists,” said Dr. Hanh Lai, Senior VP & GM of Viken’s Chemical Detection and Environmental Hazards Business. “The capabilities, design for ease of use, low maintenance, and cost of ownership have all been incorporated, resulting in a handheld narcotics analyzer engineered specifically to address field operation challenges. We look forward to continue to work with law enforcement agencies around the country with our latest tool, the FOXHOUND-HNA.”

For more information to visit, www.vikendetection.com.

Company Name: Viken Detection
About Company: Viken Detection provides enabling security imaging and material identification solutions that help law enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe from drug trafficking, terrorism and environmental hazardous threats. The company’s innovative vehicle scanners, the OSPREY Portal™ series, and its handheld products, the HBI-120™, NIGHTHAWK-HBI™, FOXHOUND-HNA™ and Pb200i are the recognized leaders in their markets. Viken Detection is headquartered just west of Boston, Massachusetts.