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Hydropore for Research

Indee Labs is a biotechnology company developing the Hydropore™ for non-viral intracellular delivery.

Monomer Bio enables cell culture at scale by providing intelligent automation software that allows labs to build fully automated workcells using readily available equipment.

"We've been interested in cell culture automation for some time, but it has been out-of-reach.

We look forward to working with Monomer Bio to implement their automation platform for Hydropore™ processing of engineered immune cells using standard equipment, in a matter of a couple months and in our current lab space," stated Ryan Pawell, CEO of Indee Labs.

As part of the partnership, Monomer Bio will provide Indee Labs with the software and automation expertise required to implement their pre- and post- Hydropore™

 processing workflows using off-the-shelf instrumentation with a reasonable footprint. Long-term, this collaboration will result in a fully automated workcell that supports the Hydropore™ workflow end-to-end.

"Monomer Bio has the privilege to work with innovative companies at the cutting edge of science. We're excited to partner with Indee Labs to grow and engineer T cells reliably at high yield," stated Jimmy Sastra, CEO of Monomer Bio.

Key advantages of the Hydropore™ platform include increased yield, reduced reagent consumption and improved function of modified cells relative to multiple industry standard electroporation and nascent delivery platforms.

The collaboration with Monomer will empower scientists working with Hydropore™ to spend less time managing their immune cell cultures and more time designing experiments and analyzing results. Monomer customers report increasing experiment throughput and reproducibility while decreasing manual tasks and weekend work.

About Monomer Bio:

Monomer Bio enables massive parallelization of cell culture studies by providing intelligent automation software combined with optimization and machine learning algorithms designed to analyze characteristics like cell morphology. Monomer Bio is a venture backed team of experienced operators and works with some of the most cutting-edge biotech companies like Indee Labs, Science, E11, and Modulo Bio

Company Name: Indee labs
About Company: Indee Labs is a biotechnology startup developing Hydropore™. Hydropore™ enables modified immune cell research and development with improved yield and function using a simple workflow, commercial GMP-grade buffers and a small footprint. The team at Indee Labs works with 3 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, various life science and biotechnology companies along with UCSF, Medical University of South Carolina and Stanford. Indee Labs is backed by IndieBio/SOSV, Y Combinator, Social Capital, Founders Fund among others including the National Institutes of Health.