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Provizio SEM Scanner

In a first of its kind listing, Bruin Biometrics' pioneering Provizio® SEM Scanner Sensor for pressure injury risk detection has been made available  a covered population exceeding 1 million at-home patients.

Between August and October 2022, respective Drug Tariffs listed the Provizio® SEM Scanner Sensor under a newly created category of devices.

The England and Wales Drug Tariff, largest of the listings in the U.K., is produced monthly by the Pharmaceutical Directorate of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) for the Secretary of State.

NHSBSA reviewed three inclusion criteria in their listing process: a.) safety and quality; b.) appropriateness and relevance for prescription by appropriate practitioners; and c.) cost effectiveness.

The resulting listing provides information on what will be paid to contractors for NHS Services including both reimbursement (e.g., the cost of drugs and appliances supplied against an NHS Prescription form) and remuneration (e.g., professional fees/allowances which are paid as part of the NHS pharmacy contract).  Provizio® SEM Scanner Sensor is the first "pressure injury prevention sensor" ever to be listed on the Drug Tariff.

"The listing of our Provizio SEM Scanner Sensor to the Drug Tariff is unprecedented in the National Health Systems of the U.K.. 

Since 2015, Bruin Biometrics has collaborated with acute and community practitioners across the U.K. to prevent pressure injuries in all care settings. This listing makes prescription of single-use sensors free at the point of care for community-based patients with costs being paid for centrally rather than from local provider budgets.

Bruin Biometrics' ambition of preventing pressure injuries through a modernized care pathway is greatly facilitated by making this technology freely available and affordable for any patient who needs it," commented Martin Burns, CEO of Bruin Biometrics.

There were an estimated 3.8million patients with a wound managed by the NHS in 2017/2018. During this time the annual NHS cost of wound management was £8.3 billion, of which £2.7 billion and £5.6 billion were associated with managing healed and unhealed wounds, respectively.

Of note, 81% of the total annual NHS cost was incurred in the community. Further, there were an estimated 202,000 recorded pressure injuries in the study year, equivalent to 0.4% of the total adult population.

This equated to an increase of 32% of pressure injuries identified in 2012/2013. In the UK patients are predominantly managed in the community by GPs, practice nurses, district/community nurses and healthcare assistants.

The availability of the Provizio® SEM Scanner Sensor on Drug Tariff allows for these clinicians to prevent pressure injuries from developing, saving time and costs to the NHS and improving patient outcomes.

Company Name: Bruin Biometrics, LLC
About Company: Bruin Biometrics LLC is a pioneer in biometric-sensor based medical devices, developing point of care solutions for early identification, and monitoring of chronic, preventable conditions. In the European market since 2014, Bruin Biometrics LLC first product to market was the SEM Scanner, which is a hand-held, wireless device which objectively alerts clinicians to specific anatomical areas of a patient's body at increased risk for developing pressure injuries .1. In 2020 Bruin Biometrics LLC launched the next generation of the SEM Scanner, Provizio SEM Scanner, the only hand-held wireless device, that offers pressure injury risk assessment insight by rapid scanning, effortless data capture and real-time data transfer. Bruin Biometrics LLC was founded in 2009 through a technology license from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a relentless commitment to using technology to improve the way that health care is delivered.